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Google Wave is dead. Here are your haiku eulogies.

Posted: 08/05/10 12:27 PM

We asked our Twitter followers to write eulogies for Google Wave in haiku form. Here are some of what you came up with:

@pjwaldron - Google Wave now breaks/on lost shore of much-hyped tech./What was it again?

@Csweet - Project Management folly / apologies to invitees / Google Wave is Dead 

@Kikapp - Really? Google wave? / What’s that? Is it a soft drink? / I thought they did search.

@MikeRylander - I never tried it / Once thought about trying it / Made sandwich instead

@Truman206 - Just like “Aloha” // a wave can mean “Hi” or “Bye” // this time it meant both.

@Fuzzynoodle - Early adopters! / Scramble, boast, I am so cool / What the frak is this?

@Marmotry - After 20 years / Google may have just killed the / surfing metaphor.

@Truman206 - Be fair to Google, / Even doing “Wave” at games / wasn’t cool for long.

@Marmotry - I’ll send you a wave. / Oh, first you need an invite. / I don’t have any.

@Ringeddragon - Such a brief lifetime/ you were here, then you were gone/what were you again?

@stevehuff - Bird skulls on white sand || The absence of splashing blue || Google’s Wave, dry, gone

@IntNorbertCon - Google wave shows us / redesigning everything / doesn’t always work

@Marmotry - Goodbye Google Wave. / You showed me some of Google’s / privacy settings.

@Fuzzynoodle - Redundancy, yes? / Why reinvent the tech wheel / I Wave bye bye, fad.

@IntNorbertCon - Here comes Google Wave / lots of bells and whistles and… /Oh, wait, never mind

@Lbredeso - What is it good for / nothing, a proof of concept / Google Wave is gone

@Wjcstp - Google pushed out Wave / despite failing the best test / elevator pitch

@IntNorbertCon - Like small southern town / Wave’s “Welcome” and “See you soon” / Printed on same sign

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Google gets Caffeine

 by John Moe // Posted: 06/09/10 11:23 AM

It’s not being rolled out with the same fanfare as the notorious Wave or Buzz, but Google’s new Caffeine indexing technology, which is live right now, is going to be a lot more significant to your web experience (granted, EVERYTHING is more significant to your web experience than Wave or Buzz). It’s essentially the new guts of Google’s search engine. They say that it will mean more frequent web crawling and in smaller bites to retrieve up to date information faster and produce results that are 50 percent fresher than the old Google search.  On the one hand, how much faster and broader do we really need search to be? On the other hand, sometimes it does take a while for relatively recent information to show up in Google’s search results. Google has gotten some competition from Bing in the past year but there’s no evidence of Bing cutting into Google’s significant margin of dominance in that category. If you need more information, I’ll Buzz you a Wave and we can talk about it.

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