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Grandma's a gamer

 by John Moe // Posted: 08/10/10 08:44 AM

Turns out the demographic group that plays the most online video games is women 55 and over

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Eyeball video game controls. For when any kind of motion is simply too taxing.

 by John Moe // Posted: 08/04/10 11:25 AM

Microsoft’s Kinect system is coming soon. It’ll be great for when you simply can’t be bothered to use a controller. But what if physical movement is out of the question?

Some engineers in Austin, Texas have figured out a way to play Super Mario Bros. with their eyes.  They put electrodes around their eyes - these electrodes track the movement of their eyeballs. Apparently, it’s pretty tough to look places other than straight ahead at the screen, so no one has gotten past the first level.

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Tron and Meta-Tron

 by John Moe // Posted: 07/19/10 03:12 PM

I see where there’s a new Tron game for the iPhone. I am totally going to download it and play it. There is no way I won’t. Not because it’s free, although that’s nice, but because I geek HARD on the Tron.

Look, I realize there is nothing stupider than a guy getting sucked into a video game. I remember watching the original 1982 movie. I was thirteen. Even then I found the premise laughable, the action and the dialogue awful, the whole enterprise absurd. But I loved it. I loved it for the idea of a person existing within a piece of technology, the idea of being consumed by something that was produced by people and being trapped there.

When I saw the trailer for the new Tron movie a while back, I followed the same pattern as with the first: what a dumb stupid movie that I instantly now love.

Tron is in the DNA of many a geek. I remember going to the arcade and spending piles of quarters on the Tron game. I was awfully good on the light bikes. I guess at least with modern technology at least I’ll save myself some quarters.

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Just use torpedoes to clean up the oil in the Gulf

Posted: 07/01/10 04:30 AM

“Crisis in the Gulf” is a video game that gives you a chance to clean up the oil spill in the Gulf.  Well, clean up may be a stretch.  Players torpedo and shoot canons at blobs of oil.  There’s a video here. If you play it, I’d love to hear whether this makes you feel any less helpless about the big spill. /la

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Preserving virtual worlds

 by John Moe // Posted: 06/21/10 11:22 AM

Ars Technica has an interview with a University of Illinois professor who’s trying to preserve a dozen video games from the last several decades. It’s not just the software and the consoles, in cases like Second Life, they’re trying to archive and store the collaborative world created by everyone who played the game. They say games are culturally important in terms of the size of the industry and the number of people playing them. For older games like Doom or early pre-Atari games, you have to build enough software to keep the game alive but make it not dependent on old software that can’t be supported anywhere else.

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Tech News In Brief - 5/27/10

 by John Moe // Posted: 05/27/10 11:16 AM

Another suicide at Foxconn . And why stopping it is so hard.

Google goes to war with Germany over collected data.

Yahoo plans to go big on local

Ballmer at WWDC? Will June 7th be upside down bananas day?

Well, looks like I won’t be reading on the bus anymore. I’ll be watching TV.

Americans get cell phone bills. “WHAT THE–?!” say Americans.

“Play videogames, kids!” says lightened up former Supreme Court Justice.

The internet is getting crowded - we’re running out of IP addresses. Also glaciers.

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