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A Tesla...for the resta'ya

 By Jeff Horwich // Posted: 06/30/10 01:58 PM

So far, this week’s been a big bonanza for Tesla Motors. The electric car company raised $226 million with its IPO Monday, and the share price has been rising ever since. Then there’s the P.R. boost from the accompanying press frenzy, celebrating a tiny company most non-auto-non-tech junkies had probably never heard of. Telsa’s been working long and hard – often on fumes, you might say – to make a real product that advances the industry. Good on ‘em.

But let’s face it: Tesla cars are expensive, tiny, impractical roadsters with a ridiculous waiting list. I was more into this fun blow-by-blow comparison from CNET of two much more practical electric-car options on the way for the typical buyer: Chevy Volt vs. Nissan Leaf, ranked next to each other on looks, range, wireless connectivity, and price.

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