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The horrifying hellscape of the future, as seen by The Onion

 by John Moe // Posted: 07/08/10 06:00 AM

We like to bill ourselves as your guide to technology and the modern world. But today we explore technology and the future world, as presented by the master satirists at The Onion. They’ve been bringing funny but certainly not real news to the web for 14 years now, most recently branching out into video for The Onion News Network, an extended parody of mainstream media. Their most recent project is a 12-minute newscast from the year 2137 (acquired, they say, by wormhole technology) and things aren’t going well: humanity is trying to figure out how to die and those that remain are sometimes gored by gigantic mutant beetles. The video, funny but more than a little disturbing, marks The Onion’s first foray into paid content.

We speak with Marc Lieberman, VP of Business of Development for The Onion, and Carol Kolb, head writer for The Onion News Network.

Future: News From The Year 2137 Trailer

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What will we do with all this "white space"?

09/26/10 11:15 AM

There’s a vote coming up this week in Washington that will have a big impact on how you use the internet, what’s available to you, how much faster you’ll be able to get things online. On Thursday, the FCC is expected to open up unused parts of the broadcast spectrum, a lot of people call it “white space”. This is space that was positioned to be something of a buffer between television stations but such padding is proving less essential since the conversion to digital TV.

On today’s show, we talk to Glenn Fleishman from Wi-Fi Networking News and The Economist about how the spectrum works and what kind of new space we’re talking about. We also check in with Tim Wu from Columbia Law School about the companies that will look to use the space and what it all might mean for you and me as internet consumers.

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