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Clickjacking scam on Facebook

 by John Moe // Posted: 08/18/10 11:09 AM

The bad guys are getting into Facebook in some pretty weird ways lately. The other day we talked about a fake “Dislike” button app that ends up spamming the heck out of you and your friends on Facebook. It was annoying but largely harmless. Today, there’s word of a more harmful scam going around. It lured people in with a fake link to “10 Funny T-Shirt Fails” or something similar. Once you clicked on it, it provided a bunch more links you’d have to click through until eventually you unwittingly authorized the app to tack on an ongoing weekly $5 charge to your cell phone bill. I’m writing this in the past tense because Facebook found out and took it down. Both the clickjacking and the Dislike scams were first reported by the security firm Sophos. Seems like Facebook might be the new frontier in getting hornswoggled.

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