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Oil-eating swarm of robots

 By Larissa Anderson // Posted: 08/27/10 06:00 PM

It’s an MIT project called Seaswarm. Little robots drag around nano-fabric that can asborb 20 times their weight in oil.  These robots dragging around the nano-fabric use wifi and GPS to communicate and position themselves without a human being directing them where to go. A prototype has been developed and was tested in Boston’s Charles River to make sure the waves wouldn’t knock the bots around too much.

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Just use torpedoes to clean up the oil in the Gulf

Posted: 07/01/10 04:30 AM

“Crisis in the Gulf” is a video game that gives you a chance to clean up the oil spill in the Gulf.  Well, clean up may be a stretch.  Players torpedo and shoot canons at blobs of oil.  There’s a video here. If you play it, I’d love to hear whether this makes you feel any less helpless about the big spill. /la

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