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Eyebrow raisers from the iPhone announcement

 by John Moe // Posted: 06/08/10 11:20 AM

You may have heard a bit about the new iPhone yesterday, considering the news replaced oxygen as the most common thing in the air. Ars Technica has a good run down.

A few surprises I had yesterday:

Where were the computers? - As near as I can figure, Apple still does make home computers. I bought one recently myself. But they weren’t mentioned at all yesterday. No new laptops, no updates to MacBook Air as rumored. Even the iPod got a mention in passing.

Google remains the default browser, Bing also brought on – Apple is going to play this as giving the user the most options, and that’s a fair point. But Apple is very much at war with Google and its increasingly popular Android mobile device platform right now. Jobs praised Bing and Microsoft but did not kick Google off the iPhone or even move it out of number one position. As a result, a handful of MSFT loyalists may switch settings but it’s mostly a Google experience.

Nothing on home entertainment – I get that it was iPhone’s day but I was wondering if we’d hear about a cloud-based iTunes option or a rebrand/relaunch of Apple TV. Nope.

Netflix and the data plans – Jobs announced a free Netflix app (Android’s getting one soon too) which means tons of streaming movies and TV on your iPhone. This is interesting in light of AT&T’s new restricted data plans. You do a lot of Netflixing, that low use plan doesn’t seem to cover you quite as well. Follow the money, my friends. Follow the money.

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What matters from the WWDC?

 by John Moe // Posted: 06/07/10 12:33 PM

Heck, I’m not sure. But as Jobs talks, I’m going to attempt to update this entry and figure it out.

As I said before, I think what it all might mean to AT&T and people hoping to have good coverage will be significant. But maybe that’s because even though I live exactly halfway between the large cities of Minneapolis and St Paul, I often can’t get phone coverage on my iPhone.

- 8500 native apps for iPad. 225,000 for iPhone.

- 5 million books for iPad downloaded in 65 days.

- You’ll be able to make notes in iPad. Also place bookmarks and read PDFs.

- Jobs defends app store approval process. Not all that convincingly but at least he’s talking about it in public. Doesn’t seem to be addressing controversial apps.

- Netflix coming to iPhone for free this summer.

- Zynga bringing Farmville to iPhone. Scoff at Farmville at your own peril. It’s huge.

- Guitar Hero too. Social/sharing elements being pushed.

- iPhone 4. Looks just like the leaked prototype. Stainless steel all around, glass front. 24% thinner than 3GS. “Integrated antennas for Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, all the cell stuff.” - ars technica

- iPhone 4 has 4x the pixel display of 3GS. 326 per inch. Human eye, says Jobs, can only perceive 300 so it won’t look like pixels. Brighter and sharper than the 3GS.

- New iPhone is powered by the A4 chip. Same guts as the iPad. Way more battery life as a result.

- Adding a gyroscope for gaming.

- New 5 megapixel camera with better light sensors for low light photography.

- iPhone 4 has built in HD video camera.

- iMovie app for iPhone. Edit movies on same device you shoot them on. Nice editing features. $4.99. Good thing it’s not $5.00, that would be a total ripoff.

- Renaming OS4 as iOS4.

- Google stays the default for search, Bing added as an option. Yahoo still there, adorably.

- iBooks coming to iPhone and iPod Touch (oh yeah, iPods exist).

- New iAds platform. Advertisements integrated into apps so users don’t get kicked out of app and into browser. Pitched as way for app developers to make money producing free/cheap apps. I can see why app developers would like this. Can’t say I dig it as a customer.

- Face Time, a video chat feature. iPhone 4 to iPhone 4, Wifi only.

- iPhone 4 - $199 for 16gb, $299 for 32gb. On sale June 24.

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