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Amazon poaches key game exec from Microsoft

 by John Moe // Posted: 09/07/10 11:59 AM

This is kind of weird considering that Amazon is not exactly known for making original games. Nonetheless, Andre Vrignaud who served as MSFT’s Director of Game Platform Strategy and helped develop the hugely popular Xbox Live program is going over to Amazon. Maybe he wanted to work in downtown Seattle instead of way out in Redmond. Or maybe Amazon is getting ready to do something big with games, the cloud, and the Kindle. The Kindle? I know. Weird.

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Amazon releases free games on Kindle

 by John Moe // Posted: 08/06/10 08:44 AM

Because you can’t go anywhere anymore without playing video games. Personally, I’d like to see games like Grand Theft Auto on the Kindle. But recast with literary figures. Running around stealing cars and shooting at people but it’s Chaucer doing it. That’d be awesome. 

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Bezos says Hemingway doesn't need embedded video

 by John Moe // Posted: 07/29/10 05:06 PM

That’s why there’s no video or audio capability for the new super cheap Kindle, according to Jeff Bezos who runs/is Of course, there IS embeddable video and audio on the Kindle app for the iPad. So maybe Hemingway needs it there?

I think one of two things is happening here:

1. An incongruity has been discovered in the literary scholarship of Jeff Bezos.

2. Dude’s making excuses for the Kindle device. He should just say, “We didn’t put as many features in it because we wanted to sell it cheaper so more people would buy them and we’d sell more books because WE ARE A BOOK STORE.”

By the way, I used to work at Amazon. One time I was at a party and Jeff Bezos came up to me and put a grass skirt on me. I let him do that because he was wearing one too and also I was afraid of him.

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Amazon gets patent for dual screen display reader

 by John Moe // Posted: 07/07/10 12:06 PM

And Barnes & Noble does not. This could have big implications in the rapidly escalating dedicated book reading device skirmish between the two big book sellers. As Engadget reports this means that Barnes & Noble’s Nook which has an electronic ink screen and a smaller LCD screen would appear to be in violation of Amazon’s patent. Meanwhile, Borders launched an e-book store of their own based around a third dedicated reader, the Kobo.


Barnes & Noble:


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Kindle can run sound and video embeds in ebooks but just not on a Kindle.

 by John Moe // Posted: 06/28/10 11:13 AM

Amazon is introducing a new version of the Kindle app for iPhone and iPad that allows for video or audio to embedded in a book. This functionality is not available on the Kindle because it’s just not built to do that (or display color, for that matter). There aren’t many titles available yet that have these embeds – in Rick Steves’ London, the author gives a walking tour of London – but if this is going to be a popular component of the ebook of the future, Amazon will have to either reengineer the Kindle or become an app maker for Apple devices.

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