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Verizon gives you a chance to watch TV while walking around

 by John Moe // Posted: 08/18/10 05:09 PM

Because maybe you want to.

And maybe you wouldn’t then start bumping into stuff.

Could happen.

Verizon is talking up an app for the iPad that will let you watch live TV. I think there are some obstacles here, like the small matter of cable companies not being crazy about this. But Verizon says they have the bandwidth for the streaming and the perfect receiver in the iPad. So as long as lawyers don’t get in the way, everything is golden.

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Free iPad app for college textbooks

 by John Moe // Posted: 08/13/10 10:59 AM

it claims to carry 90% of “core textbooks”. So instead of sinking hundreds of dollars on textbooks that you have to lug around, you just zap them into an iPad. Zap. Even if it’s closer to 50% of those textbooks, that’s still pretty amazing.

Of course, you still have to sink hundred of dollars into an iPad. I wonder if college kids would be better off ditching the computer and just bringing iPads to school. 

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Screens everywhere - does that help?

 by John Moe // Posted: 08/12/10 08:43 AM

Or is that a vague and somewhat biased question? On today’s show, Brian X. Chen from Wired talked about how the impending boom in tablet computers may result in a better ability for users to focus, especially when running apps that are less cluttered than what you might get on a browser. On the other hand, this vision includes a world full of screens and constant access to all the distractions of the internet. 

Do you think we’ll be more focused in the future? 

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The new LPad is here!

 by John Moe // Posted: 07/30/10 12:14 PM

That’s not a typo. The LPad is a knockoff of the iPad made by the Chinese company TESO. Best of all, it can run on the “Andriod” operating system. Or it can work on “MeGoo” operating system (wonder if that’s anything like the MeeGo operating system). Now if I could just get it to run IToonz or NettFlicks, I’ll be all set.

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Bezos says Hemingway doesn't need embedded video

 by John Moe // Posted: 07/29/10 05:06 PM

That’s why there’s no video or audio capability for the new super cheap Kindle, according to Jeff Bezos who runs/is Of course, there IS embeddable video and audio on the Kindle app for the iPad. So maybe Hemingway needs it there?

I think one of two things is happening here:

1. An incongruity has been discovered in the literary scholarship of Jeff Bezos.

2. Dude’s making excuses for the Kindle device. He should just say, “We didn’t put as many features in it because we wanted to sell it cheaper so more people would buy them and we’d sell more books because WE ARE A BOOK STORE.”

By the way, I used to work at Amazon. One time I was at a party and Jeff Bezos came up to me and put a grass skirt on me. I let him do that because he was wearing one too and also I was afraid of him.

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Apple being sued over iPad overheating

 by John Moe // Posted: 07/28/10 12:11 PM

Meanwhile in St Paul, John Moe avoids “the iPad is hotter than ever!” joke. The iPad has received complaints about the iPad getting too hot ever since it launched. Now there are lawsuits seeking class action status against Apple for making a product that can’t be used under reasonable weather conditions. Essentially, the claim is that you can’t use it on a hot day in direct sunlight because it overheats and won’t work. PC Magazine editor Zach Honig got an error message about that but then he put the iPad in the fridge and it cooled down and was fine. But still, you shouldn’t have to stick your iPad in the fridge, right?

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Want an iPad? Go to college

 by John Moe // Posted: 07/26/10 05:35 PM

Sure, you have to pay tuition. But freshmen at Illinois Institute of Technology will each get a free iPad this fall. Which makes me think it must be awful to be a sophomore at that school.

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Mac sales are strong

 by John Moe // Posted: 07/21/10 11:11 AM

When the iPad launched, a lot of people wondered if Mac sales would suffer. It’s not just a business question; it’s a question of whether people would move away from the standard computer and move toward the cheaper and simpler tablet. Well, I guess not. As part of Apple’s $15.7 billion quarter there was news that the company sold 3.47 million Macs. That’s a new quarterly record and a 33% increase over a year ago. Not a real shocker since you need something to sync your iPad too. Apple says this shows the iPad is not cannibalizing the Mac but it may be dining on the sweet flesh of the PC. That’s me paraphrasing Apple.  iPad, Mac, and iPod shipments were all stronger than expected: 3.27 million iPads, 3.47 million Macs, and 9.4 million iPods during the June quarter.

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Coming soon: Magazine Motion Sickness

 By Jeff Horwich // Posted: 07/20/10 11:56 AM

While putting together today’s episode on whether the iPad can save magazines, I took in this nifty video of how Viv Magazine is turning their iPad edition into something like the newspapers they read in Harry Potter. Yes, it’s cool. But dang, that’s a lot of data to download just to read a magazine!

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The Golden Age of Magazines (might be right now)

 By Jeff Horwich // Posted: 07/20/10 06:00 AM

Everyone wants a piece of the iPad, but the magazine industry has responded with particular gusto. Maybe it’s that the iPad is about the size of a National Geographic. Maybe it’s that beautiful color graphics are a skill the magazine industry has honed for decades. Maybe it’s just the optimistic belief that this device, despite its parallel ability to play skee ball for hours on end, will somehow bring reading back.

Last month’s most feted and vetted iPad magazine release was Wired. This month it was Popular Mechanics. We talk with the deputy editor who led the team that designed the Popular Mechanics iPad app about how they’re changing the magazine experience, and why the iPad is the place to be. But Mashable CEO Pete Cashmore is skeptical the revolution has begun. And Condé Nast veteran Jacob Lewis (now with is still waiting for a new business model behind that magical screen.

(Guest host: Jeff Horwich)

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Kindle can run sound and video embeds in ebooks but just not on a Kindle.

 by John Moe // Posted: 06/28/10 11:13 AM

Amazon is introducing a new version of the Kindle app for iPhone and iPad that allows for video or audio to embedded in a book. This functionality is not available on the Kindle because it’s just not built to do that (or display color, for that matter). There aren’t many titles available yet that have these embeds – in Rick Steves’ London, the author gives a walking tour of London – but if this is going to be a popular component of the ebook of the future, Amazon will have to either reengineer the Kindle or become an app maker for Apple devices.

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Want an iPad but are a dummy? Try the iPadDummy.

 by John Moe // Posted: 06/22/10 12:55 PM

For $49 bucks you can get something that looks like an iPad but just doesn’t do anything. Here from the wonderful FAQ:

Do you sell working iPads?
For people browsing around this site with the idea they can get an iPad for $49, here the definition of ‘dummy’: ‘a model or replica of a human being’. And that’s exactly what we sell. We sell non-working – without electronica – ‘iPad-looking’ replica’s of iPads, not real iPads. The dummies, however, have real weight, and look really close to a real iPad, but the parts of the dummy model cannot be used to replace original iPad parts. We don’t sell any working and/or original Apple stuff, please remember this. We sell not-working, non-original dummies aka display models.

Can the screen be used to replace a real iPad screen?
No, the screen of the dummy is made of plastic. It is not not realistic to use it as a replacement for your real iPad.

Do the buttons respond like normal buttons?
No! They won’t respond when you press them.

Is the back made of aluminum?
No! It’s all plastic.

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What matters from the WWDC?

 by John Moe // Posted: 06/07/10 12:33 PM

Heck, I’m not sure. But as Jobs talks, I’m going to attempt to update this entry and figure it out.

As I said before, I think what it all might mean to AT&T and people hoping to have good coverage will be significant. But maybe that’s because even though I live exactly halfway between the large cities of Minneapolis and St Paul, I often can’t get phone coverage on my iPhone.

- 8500 native apps for iPad. 225,000 for iPhone.

- 5 million books for iPad downloaded in 65 days.

- You’ll be able to make notes in iPad. Also place bookmarks and read PDFs.

- Jobs defends app store approval process. Not all that convincingly but at least he’s talking about it in public. Doesn’t seem to be addressing controversial apps.

- Netflix coming to iPhone for free this summer.

- Zynga bringing Farmville to iPhone. Scoff at Farmville at your own peril. It’s huge.

- Guitar Hero too. Social/sharing elements being pushed.

- iPhone 4. Looks just like the leaked prototype. Stainless steel all around, glass front. 24% thinner than 3GS. “Integrated antennas for Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, all the cell stuff.” - ars technica

- iPhone 4 has 4x the pixel display of 3GS. 326 per inch. Human eye, says Jobs, can only perceive 300 so it won’t look like pixels. Brighter and sharper than the 3GS.

- New iPhone is powered by the A4 chip. Same guts as the iPad. Way more battery life as a result.

- Adding a gyroscope for gaming.

- New 5 megapixel camera with better light sensors for low light photography.

- iPhone 4 has built in HD video camera.

- iMovie app for iPhone. Edit movies on same device you shoot them on. Nice editing features. $4.99. Good thing it’s not $5.00, that would be a total ripoff.

- Renaming OS4 as iOS4.

- Google stays the default for search, Bing added as an option. Yahoo still there, adorably.

- iBooks coming to iPhone and iPod Touch (oh yeah, iPods exist).

- New iAds platform. Advertisements integrated into apps so users don’t get kicked out of app and into browser. Pitched as way for app developers to make money producing free/cheap apps. I can see why app developers would like this. Can’t say I dig it as a customer.

- Face Time, a video chat feature. iPhone 4 to iPhone 4, Wifi only.

- iPhone 4 - $199 for 16gb, $299 for 32gb. On sale June 24.

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Tech News In Brief - 6/7/10

 by John Moe // Posted: 06/07/10 12:20 PM

WWDC - all eyes on Apple as Jobs delivers a big speech and rolls out new ways to take your money.

Foxconn gives raises again

If you can’t beat ‘em, integrate ‘em
, says Yahoo, which hearts Facebook

The iPad Magazine – what’s going on?

HP printers to have their own emails - cute!

U.S. intelligence analyst behind Wikileaks helicopter attack video arrested

Messages from WWII to be digitized

Our brains on the Internet

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The iPad Magazine – what’s going on?

 by John Moe // Posted: 06/07/10 11:52 AM

iPad owners are spending an average of an hour on their iPad app versions of popular magazines. That’s not quite the 70 minutes spent on print versions but it’s in the ballpark. Meanwhile, the Wired version for iPad is a huge crazy success and the GQ version is a total bomb. Is this because the Wired one was better or because people who read Wired are more likely to embrace something like this? And if the latter is the case, how long will that model hold?

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Tech News In Brief - 6/2/10

 by John Moe // Posted: 06/02/10 11:40 AM

Tethering comes to the iPhone. But it’s not free.

Meanwhile, AT&T pricing is going to more complex for iPhone and iPad.

Steve Jobs gives interviews, everyone gets excited, nothing much gets said.

Google’s Chrome OS to be released in “late fall”

NBC not so into the iPad . Still way into Jay Leno.

Rocket taxi - a story that gives us a chance to say “rocket taxi”!

iFart somehow not cool enough for iPad . Snobs.

Robot are getting people jobs . Are employed robots going to save the economy? Nothing to fear here:

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Tech News In Brief - 6/1/10

 by John Moe // Posted: 06/01/10 11:23 AM

2 Million iPads sold in less than 2 months. If I read this correctly, there can only be one conclusion: PEOPLE LOVE IPADS.

Google HQ won’t run Windows anymore . This after Google was hacked via PC and pulled out of China. Of course, don’t forget Google has their own OS coming.  

Groups ask FCC to monitor “hate speech”

New Facebook privacy settings perhaps not good enough for the House

Meanwhile, yesterday was supposed to Quit Facebook Day. What’s the opposite of a groundswell?

Remember Lala? Apple replaced it with…nothing

A new number 2 in supercomputing

Zipcar: the revolutionary environmentally responsible idea that not very many people use.

Peer Pong – ask it a question!
Like “why does Peer Pong exist?”

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Tech News In Brief - 5/28/10

 by John Moe // Posted: 05/28/10 11:49 AM

Foxconn to give out raises, relocate workers

Is Facebook popular? Why yes it is. More monthly page views than the next 99 most visited sites COMBINED.

iPad international launch day  - hysteria: not uniquely American.

Battle lines form in Viacom vs. YouTube battle. Hollywood vs. Silicon Valley. Jocks vs. nerds.

Irish News puts up paywall, runs into figurative wall

Microsoft keeps some security patches secret - set to release them at next Windows 7 Launch Party Reunion

One Laptop Per Child for around 100 bucks - by the time this project is realized, all the children will be elderly adults.

Congress develops interest in synthetic microbes that make and eat oil. “HURRY UP!” says BP.

Herb Kohl loves Hulu.

Japanese robot moon base! JAPANESE ROBOT MOON BASE!

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Tech News In Brief - 5/26/10

 by John Moe // Posted: 05/26/10 11:10 AM

Apple worth more than Microsoft? So do TRUE hipsters have to start using Zunes?

But Apple is being investigated by the Feds for being too hardball in iTunes store.

Zuckerberg to announce Facebook privacy changes . 10:30 pacific. But you probably already knew that by hacking into his account.

Foxconn makes workers sign a pledge not to kill themselves . This after the 9th suicide this year at the factory in Shenzhen, China.

Wired on the iPad - only…five…dollars.

Holiday Inn tests songs for room keys - I hope I don’t get Witchy Woman.

Street View cars still causing Google trouble

Scientist becomes first human infected with computer virus On the bright side, Morpheus will come rescue you eventually.

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Tech News In Brief - 5/24/10

 by John Moe // Posted: 05/24/10 11:03 AM

Zuckerberg announces impending changes at Facebook - Doesn’t apologize for making privacy settings so difficult. It’s really more of one of those, “I’m sorry you’re so sensitive” type of apologies.

Meanwhile there are alternatives (yes but are they Poke enabled?!)

Zynga Owns You. And Now Your Slurpee Too.

Android v. iPhone war - unlike a real Android War, this is good news for humans and we won’t be vaporized or forced to toil in silicon mines.

DARPA, like Santa but more proactive - Why do stories about crime prevention make me feel less secure?

iPad makes art - still incapable of smoking cigarettes

Genetic testing companies face investigation about whether their thing does anything.

Artificial Heart in a backpack!  - powered by batteries!

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The iPad 3G can't send text messages except yes it can.

 by John Moe // Posted: 05/03/10 10:53 AM

Two criticisms I heard about the iPad were that you couldn’t monkey around with it and develop your own software and that you can’t send text messages.

These guys beg to differ. The hacker group known as the iPhone Dev Team have figured out how to send text messages on an iPad. Oh, it’s not easy and it doesn’t look very good but it’s happening.

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