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Google Wave is dead. Here are your haiku eulogies.

Posted: 08/05/10 12:27 PM

We asked our Twitter followers to write eulogies for Google Wave in haiku form. Here are some of what you came up with:

@pjwaldron - Google Wave now breaks/on lost shore of much-hyped tech./What was it again?

@Csweet - Project Management folly / apologies to invitees / Google Wave is Dead 

@Kikapp - Really? Google wave? / What’s that? Is it a soft drink? / I thought they did search.

@MikeRylander - I never tried it / Once thought about trying it / Made sandwich instead

@Truman206 - Just like “Aloha” // a wave can mean “Hi” or “Bye” // this time it meant both.

@Fuzzynoodle - Early adopters! / Scramble, boast, I am so cool / What the frak is this?

@Marmotry - After 20 years / Google may have just killed the / surfing metaphor.

@Truman206 - Be fair to Google, / Even doing “Wave” at games / wasn’t cool for long.

@Marmotry - I’ll send you a wave. / Oh, first you need an invite. / I don’t have any.

@Ringeddragon - Such a brief lifetime/ you were here, then you were gone/what were you again?

@stevehuff - Bird skulls on white sand || The absence of splashing blue || Google’s Wave, dry, gone

@IntNorbertCon - Google wave shows us / redesigning everything / doesn’t always work

@Marmotry - Goodbye Google Wave. / You showed me some of Google’s / privacy settings.

@Fuzzynoodle - Redundancy, yes? / Why reinvent the tech wheel / I Wave bye bye, fad.

@IntNorbertCon - Here comes Google Wave / lots of bells and whistles and… /Oh, wait, never mind

@Lbredeso - What is it good for / nothing, a proof of concept / Google Wave is gone

@Wjcstp - Google pushed out Wave / despite failing the best test / elevator pitch

@IntNorbertCon - Like small southern town / Wave’s “Welcome” and “See you soon” / Printed on same sign

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