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Cloudy Future for Digital Property

Posted: 08/31/10 06:00 AM

Could Apple move iTunes into the cloud? It probably won’t happen tomorrow at Apple’s iTunes event – but in the long run it seems inevitable.

Cloud computing is slowly taking over – it’s already changing the way we work and live. Corporations’ appetite to increase data storage is driving HP and Dell in their bidding war for the data storage company 3Par.  Seems like time to ask what’s ours in a cloud-computed world?

If you are uploading all your photos to Flickr, who owns them? What about the love letters sent to your husband or wife? Do you own those words if they are stored in-box on Yahoo instead of a in a shoebox in your closet?  

Eric Goldman, a professor of technology at Santa Clara Law School, and Justin Brookman from the Center for Democracy and Technology argue that in the digital age, our definitions of ownership are in flux.

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