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Cheerleaders Gone Wild!

 by John Moe // Posted: 09/09/10 05:53 PM

Again with the compelling headlines. I think it draws attention more than “New clickjacking scam on Facebook”. This link has been going around Facebook for a while now where you click to see the cheerleaders going wild. There’s an advisory that nudity or some such thing is coming your way. You keep on clicking but one of the clicks is a disguised “Like” button and soon you’re publishing to the world that you “like” Cheerleaders Gone Wild and then your mom knows it and your boss and your spouse and you’re screwed and you’re an idiot.

By the way, after all that clicking, you’re taken to a YouTube video of cheerleaders who don’t go wild even a little. In fact, here it is:

There. I just saved you from public humiliation.

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